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Susan Berman: "They liked him immediately, of course."

Susan describes how her aunt met her uncle Ruby who was a musician for the USO.

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Jessie Moss: Wartime Wedding

Jessie Moss describes her December 1942 wedding.

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Elizabeth Hickcox: "Victor Mature's sitting on my lap!"

Elizabeth Hickcox describes the cultural opportunities available to women serving in the Navy.

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William Campbell: "Grandma loved to dance!"

William Campbell recalls how his mother and grandmother participated in dances organized by the United Service Organizations or USO in Oklahoma City.

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Paula Fidler: Troop Trains

Paula Fidler describes how she and her friends would serve coffee to troops traveling through her town by train at the start of World War II.

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Henry Ahola: "Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Gene Autry"

Henry Ahola describes entertainment available through the USO, or United States Organizations, on the island of Guuam during World War II.

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Mary McJunkin: The USO

Mary McJunkin describes her reasons for skipping most events hosted by the United States Organizations (USO) on her husband's military base in Los Angeles

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Tooken Cade: The United Service Organizations

Tooken Cade describes her work at the United Service Organization (USO) in Detroit during World War II.

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Jane Tucker: Dating a Serviceman

"Do what you can for the serviceman," Jane Tucker says, recalling a common motto during World War II. In the clip Tucker describes a soldier who took her on several dates to USO dances.

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Bettye McCubbin: Letters from Home

Bettye McCubbin discusses the letters she sent to high school friends who were serving overseas during World War II.

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