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Susan Berman: Media Control

Susan Berman discusses how her family received information while living in Nazi Germany.

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Susan Berman: "And they took down the Nazi flag."

Susan Berman discusses what her aunt told her about life aboard the St. Louis and how the crew treated the passengers.

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Susan Berman: "They did everything they could to book passage on it."

Susan discusses how her family members were able to board the St. Louis to try and flee Nazi Germany.

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Susan Berman: "They were told not to intervene"

Susan discusses what her mother experienced during Kristallnacht, also known as the Night of Broken Glass, that happened in Nazi Germany in November of 1938.

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Susan Berman: "My mother never saw her father again."

Susan Berman discusses how her mother was able to be a part of the Kindertransport that sent Jewish children to Great Britain.

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Susan Berman: "They were concerned about what this would lead to."

Susan Berman discusses her family's reaction to the rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler in Germany and if they wanted to leave the country or not.

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Rochelle Lawrence: "This is not a place for Jews."

Rochelle Lawrence describes the antisemitic attack that motivated her family to leave Poland for Palestine, where her father gained citizenship by 1936.

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David Jacobi: Rise of Nazism

David Jacobi describes how different members of his family dealt with the rise of Nazism in Germany.

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Tosia Schneider: An Uncle in Germany

As a girl, Tosia Schneider heard reports on the rise of Nazism fron her uncle who lived in Leipzig, Germany.

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Tosia Schneider: "Out with the Jews!"

Tosia Schneider describes anti-Jewish laws in Poland.

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