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Susan Berman: Media Control

Susan Berman discusses how her family received information while living in Nazi Germany.

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Susan Berman: The Captain's Appeal

Susan Berman describes the captain of the St. Louis's appeal to nations to let them come to port to unload passengers.

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Rochelle Lawrence: "A little shtetl"

Rochelle Lawrence describes her early life in Janów Podlaski, a small town in eastern Poland.

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Sheva Vapne: Granddaughter of a Rabbi

Sheva Vapne describes the Jewish community in Riga, Latvia, prior to World War II.

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David Jacobi: Grandparents

David Jacobi describes how his grandparents, Alexander and Maria Jacobi, first met, and how their relationship evolved over the years.

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David Jacobi: "Proud to be a German"

David Jacobi describes how his father's family was well-integrated into German society before World War II.

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Edward Francell: "I don't do Religion!"

As a child, Edward Francell was unaware of his family's Jewish background.

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Herbert Kohn: Frankfurt, German

Herbert Kohn describes his childhood growing up in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Herbert Kohn: German Culture

Herbert Kohn describes his family's German background.

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