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Susan Berman: Uncle Julius

Susan Berman discusses her uncle taking a boat out to try and see his family on the St. Louis while it was anchored in Miami.

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Susan Berman: Moving to the US

Susan Berman describes the kind of work her family did upon arriving in the United States, as well as what they did to try and bring over other family members still in Europe.

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Susan Berman: "They liked him immediately, of course."

Susan describes how her aunt met her uncle Ruby who was a musician for the USO.

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Susan Berman: "And they took down the Nazi flag."

Susan Berman discusses what her aunt told her about life aboard the St. Louis and how the crew treated the passengers.

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Susan Berman: "They did everything they could to book passage on it."

Susan discusses how her family members were able to board the St. Louis to try and flee Nazi Germany.

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Susan Berman: "My mother never saw her father again."

Susan Berman discusses how her mother was able to be a part of the Kindertransport that sent Jewish children to Great Britain.

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Edna Hicks: America

Edna Hicks remembers what the idea of America meant to her as a young person.

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Finding material within chapters in der | die | das

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