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Susan Berman: Uncle Julius

Susan Berman discusses her uncle taking a boat out to try and see his family on the St. Louis while it was anchored in Miami.

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Susan Berman: "And they took down the Nazi flag."

Susan Berman discusses what her aunt told her about life aboard the St. Louis and how the crew treated the passengers.

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Susan Berman: "They did everything they could to book passage on it."

Susan discusses how her family members were able to board the St. Louis to try and flee Nazi Germany.

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Susan Berman: "My mother never saw her father again."

Susan Berman discusses how her mother was able to be a part of the Kindertransport that sent Jewish children to Great Britain.

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Susan Berman: "They were concerned about what this would lead to."

Susan Berman discusses her family's reaction to the rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler in Germany and if they wanted to leave the country or not.

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Susan Berman: The Captain's Appeal

Susan Berman describes the captain of the St. Louis's appeal to nations to let them come to port to unload passengers.

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Hershel Greenblat: "Immigration to Israel was pretty much blocked"

Hershel Greenblat describes how many people living in displaced persons camps wished to immigrate to Israel in the years following World War II.

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Marcel Kohler: "A Family Feud"

Marcel Kohler describes one of the reasons why his family moved from the Netherlands to the United States.

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Hank van Driel: "I Wanted to go to the States"

Hank van Driel describes getting his education after the war as well as how he got into the culinary business. He then goes on to describe how he decided to come to the United States.

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Anna Ostergaard : Immigration Process

Anna Ostergaard describes how the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service vetted her and her husband in the months after they applied for immigration papers.

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Anna Ostergaard: Leaving Denmark

Anna Ostergaard describes her reasons for leaving Denmark in the years after World War II.

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Rochelle Lawrence: Family in America

Rochelle Lawrence describes how an extensive network of relatives sponsored her family's immigration to the United States in 1938.

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Rochelle Lawrence: Poland to Palestine

Rochelle Lawrence describes her family's journey by horse and wagon, train, and ship, to Palestine in 1936.

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Rochelle Lawrence: Leaving Poland

Rochelle Lawrence describes the items her family packed for the trip out of Poland including the candelabra used on Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.

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June Chandler: "I was used to London."

June Chandler explains why she left her native England to join her husband, an American serviceman, on his family farm in South Carolina.

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Sheva Vapne: A Few Months in Italy

Sheva Vapne, who lived in Latvia after surviving the Holocaust, recalls the time she and her children spent in Italy while waiting for approval to immigrate to the United States in the 1970s.

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