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Sarah Popowski: "I don't know what to tell you to do."

Sarah Popowski describes how her mother made the decision to leave her village and go to a labor camp as a volunteer rather than be rounded up by the Nazis.

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Sarah Popowski: Labor Camps

Sarah Popowski describes what life was like for her mother in a Nazi labor camp in Poland and the cruel policies of the guards. Content Warning: This clip contains a description of violence against a…

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Susan Berman: "They received a letter from the Red Cross"

Susan Berman discusses how her family learned about the death of her grandparents who died by the hands of the Nazis during the Holocaust.

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Marcel Kohler: "He Was One of the Lucky Ones"

Marcel Kohler describes hearing from his parents of a relative that had been sent to a concentration camp, but made it out alive.

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Tosia Schneider: The Lisovska Labor Camp

Tosia Schneider describes the agricultural labor camp where she was sent along with her brother.

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Edward Francell: Auschwitz

Edward Francell describes his Aunt Yvonne's experience in Auschwitz.

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Norbert Friedman: Loss of Identity

Norbert Friedman describes the tattoo he received upon entering the first camp and the cruelty waged by camp commanders.

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Murray Lynn: The Cattle Cars

Murray Lynn describes conditions in the cattle cars.

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Murray Lynn: The Selection Process

Murray Lynn describes the last time he saw his mother and younger brothers at Auschwitz.

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Norbert Friedman: The Death March

Norbert Friedman describes his final days as a prisoner of the Nazis. The approach of the Allied troops prompted the camp guards to lead prisoners on death marches away from the battle front.

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Norbert Friedman: The Concentration Camps

Norbert Friedman, a survivor of eleven camps, describes the process of moving from one camp to another.

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Andre Kessler: The Transnistria Labor Camp

Andre Kessler describes the slave labor camp Transnistria, where his father was imprisoned and forced to do labor.

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Andre Kessler: His Father's Return

Andre Kessler describes his father's changed appearance after returning from a labor camp.

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M. Alexis Scott: Holocaust Education

In this clip, M. Alexis Scott describes how her father, W. A. Scott III, got involved in Holocaust Education.

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