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Jessie Moss: Pearl Harbor

Jessie Moss recalls how she heard the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Edna Hicks: So Much Talk of War

Edna Hicks describes the atmosphere in England in the final months before the start of the Second World War.

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Edna Hicks: "We are now at war with Germany"

Edna Hicks recalls hearing Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announce the start of war with Germany.

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Hank van Driel: "The City of Rotterdam got Bombed"

Hank van Driel describes the beginning of the World War II for the Netherlands with the bombing of Rotterdam.

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Sheva Vapne: "In '39, came the Russians."

Sheva Vapne describes the impact of the Russian invasion on her life in Latvia in 1939.

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Gitte Toben: The Danish-German Border

Gitte Toben provides historical background on the shifting boundary between Denmark and Germany.

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Gitte Toben: The Invasion of Denmark

Gitte Toben describes her parents' memories of the German invasion of Denmark on April 9, 1940.

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Alan Davies: "A concern in my parents' voice"

Alan Davies describes his earliest feeling that war in Europe was imminent.

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Tosia Schneider: The Soviet Occupation

Tosia Schneider describes changes in he rown under Soviet occupation

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Tosia Schneider: The War Begins

Tosia Schneider remembers the first days after the German invasion.

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Norbert Friedman: The Invasion of Poland

Norbert Friedman describes the first days of the war when Germany invaded Poland and his life changed forever.

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