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Deryck Cook: Black Soldiers

Deryck Cook recalls how U.S. troops maintained segregation in England during World War II despite a lack of prejudice against Black troops among the local population.

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Joseph Hudson: "The meaning of prejudice"

Joseph Hudson describes his punishment after leaving base one day while he was in basic training.

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Harry Kone: "What happened to you?"

Harry Kone recalls discussions among soldiers at a military hospital.

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Theodore Britton: "They're afraid of us?"

Theodore Britton describes institutional racism in the U.S. Military during World War II.

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Theodore Britton: Depot Companies

Theodore Britton describes how highly qualified black soldiers were relegated to depot or supply companies.

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Lorenzo Wallace: The Army Quartermaster

Lorenzo Wallace describes racism he faced in his first job, working for the office of the Army Quartermaster in Atlanta.

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Lorenzo Wallace: Racism

Lorenzo Wallace describes a conversation between him and a white soldier.

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Alonza Jones: "We don't serve the black troops."

Alonza Jones describes the train depot in Birmingham, Alabama where black soldiers were refused service.

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James Pack: Going Off Base

James Pack explains his reasons for staying on base during training in North Carolina.

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Hillard Pouncy: "You become accustomed to things."

Hillard Pouncy describes his youth in the segregated South.

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Hillard Pouncy: Segregation on Base

Hillard Pouncy describes racial discrimination in a military officers' club during World War II.

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Hillard Pouncy: "These people are qualified."

Hillard Pouncy describes the Tuskegee Air Squadron's contribution to the Civil Rights movement.

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M. Alexis Scott: W.A. Scott III's Wartime Experience

M. Alexis Scott describes her father's experiences during World War II, including his role in liberating Buchenwald concentration camp.

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