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Andre Kessler: Never Forget

Andre Kessler describes the importance of remembering the Holocaust.

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Andre Kessler: Life in Hiding

Andre Kessler describes how he and his mother passed the time while in hiding.

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Andre Kessler: "My children are my revenge."

Andre Kessler describes how his family is his revenge against the Nazis.

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Andre Kessler: Maintaining Jewish Customs

Andre Kessler recounts how his parents decided to have him circumcised even though it was illegal.

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Andre Kessler: The Transnistria Labor Camp

Andre Kessler describes the slave labor camp Transnistria, where his father was imprisoned and forced to do labor.

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Andre Kessler: Righteous Among the Nations

Andre Kessler describes how the landlord of his building helped to hide Kessler and his mother.

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Andre Kessler: His Father's Return

Andre Kessler describes his father's changed appearance after returning from a labor camp.

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