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Lorenzo Wallace: Military Service

Lorenzo Wallace shares his thoughts on his military service in World War II.

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Lorenzo Wallace: Montford Point

Lorenzo Wallace describes conditions at Camp Lejeune's Montford Point where he was part of the first wave of black Marines.

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Lorenzo Wallace: Racism

Lorenzo Wallace describes a conversation between him and a white soldier.

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Lorenzo Wallace: The Army Quartermaster

Lorenzo Wallace describes racism he faced in his first job, working for the office of the Army Quartermaster in Atlanta.

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Lorenzo Wallace: Battle in the Pacific

Lorenzo Wallace describes devastation he witnessed after the Battle of Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands. ADULT CONTENT WARNING.

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Lorenzo Wallace: The Radar Group

Lorenzo Wallace describes his duties in a Marine Corps radar group.

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Lorenzo Wallace: The 51st Defense Battalion

Lorenzo Wallace describes the mission of the 51st Defense Battalion in the Marine Corps.

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Lorenzo Wallace: "I want to go to the Marines."

Lorenzo Wallace describes his reasons for choosing the Marine Corps over the Army.

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