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June Chandler: "I lost my accent."

June Chandler discusses how she adjusted to life in the United States after immigrating to be with her husband, an American serviceman.

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June Chandler: "Put on the kettle."

June Chandler describes how she became friends with more Americans through the English tradition of having tea.

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June Chandler: "I was used to London."

June Chandler explains why she left her native England to join her husband, an American serviceman, on his family farm in South Carolina.

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June Chandler: Evacuation

June Chandler recalls how she and her older brother evacuated to northern England to avoid the air raids over London.

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June Chandler: "I just slugged him."

June Chandler explains how she met and married her husband, Jeff Chandler, an American serviceman stationed in London after World War II.

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June Chandler: Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

June Chandler describes the gas mask she had to wear as a young child during the German bombing of London.

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June Chandler: "I had a green ration book."

June Chandler explains how England's rationing policy affected her family during World War II.

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June Chandler: Settling in Georgia

June Chandler remembers her first impression of her husband's hometown in South Carolina, and how they eventually settled in Marietta, Georgia, where her husband took a job with the Lockheed…

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June Chandler: Barefoot on Broken Glass

June Chandler recalls an air raid when her family's bomb shelter was flooded, and they had to seek refuge at their neighbors' home.

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June Chandler: "A lof of shrapnel everywhere"

June Chandler recalls how American soldiers stationed in a local park near her home attempted to shoot down Germany flying bombs before they fell to the ground.

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June Chandler: Blackout Curtains

June Chandler explains the necessity of blackout curtains during the German Blitz over England.

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June Chandler: "It was just a way of life."

June Chandler recalls how unexpected daytime was no more frightening than constant nighttime bombings.

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