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Hillard Pouncy: They Can Do The Job

Hillard Pouncy describes Benjamin O. Davis Jr.'s efforts to keep the Tuskegee Airmen program alive.

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Hillard Pouncy: War on the Horizon

Hillard Pouncy describes the political climate between the First and Second World War.

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Hillard Pouncy: Paying Tuskegee's Tuition

Hillard Pouncy describes his living and working situation in Tuskegee, Alabama

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Hillard Pouncy: "You become accustomed to things."

Hillard Pouncy describes his youth in the segregated South.

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Hillard Pouncy: Segregation on Base

Hillard Pouncy describes racial discrimination in a military officers' club during World War II.

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Hillard Pouncy: Joining the Air Corps

Hillard Pouncy describes the requirements to join the United States Air Force during World War II.

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Hillard Pouncy: Flight Training

Hillard Pouncy describes the rigor of flight training.

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Hillard Pouncy: "These people are qualified."

Hillard Pouncy describes the Tuskegee Air Squadron's contribution to the Civil Rights movement.

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Hillard Pouncy: The Tuskegee Air Squadron

Hillard Pouncy describes his motivation for joining the Tuskegee Air Squadron

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Hillard Pouncy: Becoming a Bombardier

Hillard Pouncy planned to become a pilot in the Tuskegee Air Squadron but was "washed out" in the final stages of training.

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