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Edward Francell: "We Left in February of 1939."

Edward Francell describes how his mother's dual citizenship in France and the United States allowed her family to immigrate on the eve of World War II.

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Edward Francell: Parisian Childhood

Edward Francell describes his early years growing up in an affluent neighborhood in Paris, France, prior to the outbreak of World War II.

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Edward Francell: Jewish Identity

Edward Francell attended a majority Jewish school in Los Angeles.

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Edward Francell: "I don't do Religion!"

As a child, Edward Francell was unaware of his family's Jewish background.

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Edward Francell: Auschwitz

Edward Francell describes his Aunt Yvonne's experience in Auschwitz.

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Edward Francell: Relief Efforts

Edward Francell describes home front relief efforts during World War II.

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Edward Francell: Holocaust Memory

Edward Francell describes his parents' silence after the Holocaust.

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Edward Francell: Fleeing Europe

Edward Francell immigrated to the United States after Kristallnacht.

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